eLearning Content Development

GBK provides best-in-class content development and innovative competency-based elearning and training management solutions to a broad range of regulatory and loss control challenges.

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Training is our core competency. Our consulting and content design team has been designing, developing and delivering need-specific, targeted EHS training for the defense, energy, chemical, and healthcare industries for over fifteen years. Our content has been deployed in more than seventeen countries and in seven languages. All our e-Learning content is IACET certified.

Authorized IACET Provider

Relevant, Specific and Accurate

Online training content is designed and developed specifically for your organization from the ground-up . Your learning content will reference your policies, plans and procedures to ensure programming is communicated and effectively implemented across the organization.

Best-in-Class Content Creation

No matter how sound the safety training is, to be effective it must engage the learner. GBK's eLearning development studio employs human and CGI avatars; complex Adobe Flash™ -based animations; 3-D simulations; streaming video; and studio-quality audio narration to ensure an effective and engaging eLearning experience.

  • High-production value content, audio, animation, and simulations.
  • Curricula maintenance services prevent obsolescence.
  • ISD Adult Learning Model employing audio, visual and kinesthetic elements.
  • Standards-based, SCORM 1.2/2004, AICC and Section 508 compliance.

For up to date online training courses, Learning management System and customizable courses go to our dedicated online training website at: www.safetyskills.com


Instructional Systems Design

  1. Meet with customer to determine competency requirements; training goals; and organizational themes.
  2. Develop Learning Objective Matrix (LOM) outing terminal and enabling learning objectives; competency and complexity factors.

Script/Storyboard Development

  1. Prepare and deliver draft script and storyboard.
  2. Develop competency validation interactions and tests.
  3. Prepare and deliver final script/storyboard.

Render Media

  1. Develop and deploy beta-versioning of learning content for customer review.
  2. Finalize and deploy learning content.

Reference Project:

Security Action Item Computer-Based Training CD-ROM

TSA Motor Carrier Division, Dept Homeland Security, Washington, DC

Following 9/11 and other global terrorist incidents of recent years, the Transportation Security Administration developed action items to be voluntarily implemented by hazardous material motor carriers in order to improve security and minimize the risk of terrorist incident. The TSA tasked GBK, in partnership with Entereza, Inc to develop a computer-based training program that could be delivered nationally to up to 400,000 industry personnel and help meet their security awareness training requirement under 49 CFR 172. GBK developed a FLASH-based, SCORM-compliant, executable rich-media training course for deployment nationally to the motor carrier industry.

Some milestones and deliverables included:

  • Developed content from TSA Security Action Item guideline documentation
  • Produced media-rich course to include FLASH animations, first-person decision-based exercise and trainee competency questions
  • Recorded full narration of course text
  • Coordinated development to integrate with GBK’s development of instructor-led support training and instructor materials