What We Do

Environmental, Health & Safety Training Solutions

Environmental, health and safety training is one of our core competencies. Our instructors, subject matter experts and instructional systems designer teams design, develop, and deliver need-specific, targeted EHS training for the defense, energy, chemical, and healthcare industries for over fifteen years. GBK's training has been deployed in more than seventeen countries and in seven languages. Read More

Environmental, Health & Safety Management Systems Services

GBK supports organizations around the world in conforming to prevailing international standards by providing gap analysis, implementation planning, impacts analysis and significance testing, cross-functional-team (CFT) coaching, training, and auditing. Read More

Environmental, Health & Safety Assessment & Compliance Services

GBK provides a full-range of environmental, occupational safety and health compliance and assessment services. Our interdisciplinary team of engineers; environmental and occupational health professionals; safety professionals; legal and regulatory specialists have helped organizations around the world improve their environmental performance, as well as compliance profile. Read More

Information Management Systems and Security

GBK designs, develops, deploys, and secures enterprise server and web-based solutions. We have designed, built and deployed systems ranging from simple air emissions data management and reporting tools to enterprise-wide information management systems. Our security certification and accreditation services include both Department of Homeland Security and Department of Defense (DIACAP) processes. Read More

Hazardous Materials Planning and Emergency Response

GBK excels in process safety, security, risk management, emergency preparedness planning, training and certification. GBK has provided training and certification support services to more than 50 international, Federal, state, and local response organizations to include: US Army National Guard Civilian Support Teams (CST); US Coast Guard; NATO; US Army; US Navy; US Air Force; and the Marine Corps. Read More

Geospatial Technologies

GBK uses available technology to uncover the environment and its surroundings in an innovative and exciting way. GBK has experience in constructing and programming geodatabases as well as crafting hundreds of maps. Our company possesses’ vast knowledge and expertise in ESRI mapping products, Global Positioning Systems, and remote sensing. Read More