Invasive Species (Tamarisk) Trend Survey and Eradication: Ft Sill Ranges

Environmental Compliance & Assessment Projects

Surveyed over 90,000 acres of rangeland for Ft Sill DPW Natural Resources Division and identified and recorded growths of salt cedar (tamarisk). Salt cedar is an invasive species, originally planted as an ornamental and wind breaker, which rapidly outcompetes native species, stressing water resources (up to 200 gallons per day per plant) and salinating surrounding soils. Over 1,000 individual growths were recorded some as large as 20ft+ in height. Following identification, an eradication procedure was performed by GBK's certiified pesticide applicator and service technicians using an herbicide tank mix of Habitat and MSO adjuvant. All growths were treated and ultimately a 98%+ mortality rate was confirmed.