Geospatial Technologies

Remote Sensing

GBK's geospatial technology team is currently involved in researching and testing remote sensing technologies to help advance our technical capabilities and offer even more cost-effective solutions for our clients. We consider the field of remote sensing one that will play an increasingly more important role in environmental problem solving through improvements in accuracy and affordability. With the use of remote sensing we can collect more data, with more accuracy and precision over a shorter period of time than ever before.

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ArcInfo encompasses ArcView and ArcEditor but performs with more refined tools, and advanced analyses. GBK can collect, collate and analyze data and create professional maps for our clients. In the past we have used ArcInfo to help us with the creation hundreds of new and specialized maps.

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Global Positioning System

Many projects performed by GBK require real-time data to be collected in the field. GBK uses Trimble GeoXT GPS handheld units partnered with TerraSync software during our investigations. Field data stored on the devices are downloaded into ArcInfo or a related program to generate accurate figures and professional maps. Our GPS units deliver data with sub-meter accuracy and can be configured to spatially connect to the computer at the office for quicker data processing and output delivery.

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ArcGIS Server (ArcSDE)

ArcSDE is server software developed by ESRI and is integrated into both ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Server.

From the ESRI website: "ArcSDE technology is a core component of ArcGIS Server. It manages spatial data in a relational database management system (RDBMS) and enables it to be accessed by ArcGIS clients. It is the technology that provides the framework to support long transactions, which facilitates the versioned editing environment in multiuser geodatabases. The geodatabase is the primary data storage model for ArcGIS; it provides a single central location to access and manage spatial data.

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